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Client: The Kindness Offensive
Year of creation: 2010

Their aims are to have fun, be kind and inspire as many people as possible to do the same. Performing both small and large-scale Random Acts of Kindness is what they do. It's a great privilege to be able to work together with so many kind volunteers, companies and charities to make so many people happy.

Branding / website / bus design


"Charlie's design skills and execution are simply breathtaking.

At The Kindness Offensive we are responsible for creating the worlds largest ever Random Acts of Kindness. We set out to make people smile and spread happiness everywhere we go. We are both proud and grateful to have Charles Taillard as our designer. His stunning work adorns our double decker bus, headquarters and website, seamlessly bringing these disparate elements together as one cohesive brand; he's managed to truly capture the excitement and celebratory-spirit of our work in his designs. The way in which he understands where we are coming from and in turn managed to create such a perfect visual accompaniment to it, is actually quite remarkable. His designs for us do more then just create signposts, they actually do the work we aim to do ourselves i.e. they actually make people happy. Don't take my word for it – have a look at what he created for us and watch out for the smile as it starts to creeps across your face!

Everyone at The Kindness Offensive is so grateful for the care and time Charlie puts into what he does for us, he really does make a huge difference to what we do; he's a rare talent and a lovely guy to work with; we're so lucky to have him on the team."

David Goodfellow Co-Founder The Kindness Offensive



Rachel Elnaugh
Award Winning Entrepreneur, Star of BBCTV's Dragons' Den, Professional Speaker, Author and Business Mentor

Charlie's work on the 12.12.12 project was literally transformational.
We went from a mediocre website to a beautifully designed one which was hugely successful in driving ticket sales, Charlie also created an accompanying promotional video plus the work he did to create the show programme, event banners and all the moving graphics for the entire 5 hour show was literally superb. I can honestly say that his involvement was absolutely key to the event's success. Not only is he a creative genius he is incredibly proactive and an absolute delight to work with. Charlie is every entrepreneur's dream right hand creative man!


December 12, 2012, Rachel was Charlie's client


Richard Addis
National Newspaper Editor, Founder of "The Day"

Charlie is a rare combination of super-creative with an artist's eye for colour and balance PLUS being a digital natural with a superb ability to work with almost any software or system. He's a great spirit as well and the whole team benefits in many other ways from having him around.


September 20, 2011, Richard managed Charlie at The Day News Ltd.


Tom Rendell
Helping International Schools Excel

It's been great working with Charlie on setting up a schools news service that is now used across the UK and internationally. The demands and pressures Charlie faced as the Creative & IT Director were enormous, but he developed a site that has received excellent feedback from schools: over 250 have chosen to subscribe to it. The aesthetic design of the site has also received high praise. The site build and maintenance has all been done on a very tight budget and under strict time constraints, and Charlie managed it with always a good nature and an array of exciting ideas.


September 20, 2011, Tom managed Charlie at The Day News Ltd.


Lynne Franks
Recognised as the UK’s leading Women’s Empowerment Guru and founder of SEED. Lynne initiated London Fashion Week and created the British Fashion Awards

Charlie Taillard is one of the most creative and original designers I have ever worked with. His light touch enhances the message and I am delighted with everything he has done for me.


December 10, 2011, Lynne was Charlie's client


Mark Broomer
Professional Presentation Consultant/Designer, Copywriter & Digital Media Producer

I have had the pleasure of working with Charlie Taillard for well over ten years, on a variety of complex creative projects. On every occasion I have been extremely impressed by his passion, creativity and knowledge - he has the skills and experience to turn even the most mundane projects into something truly unique and exciting. I have no hesitation in recommending him - in over 25 years in the digital marketing field, I have yet to work with someone who can match Charlie's professionalism, expertise, integrity and friendly generous personality... he is a true one-off!


August 17, 2011, Mark was Charlie's client


Sophie Sunrise
Sales and Marketing Director at Natural Communities CIC / SUNRISE CELEBRATION festival

Charlie is an absolute master and one of the very few people we can trust with designing something to represent our Event's image to a high enough standard. He is technically a very skilled designer, but more that that, his eye for detail and his sense of style are spot on, and his creativity inspirational. He is a "can-do" person who is a pleasure to work with. 
We would highly recommend using him as a graphic designer.


October 21, 2011, Sophie was Charlie's client


Gareth Strangemore-Jones
Founder & Group Editor - Worldshift Media

Charlie has a wonder-full creative vision - he sees Love, Truth and Beauty and expresses these values through a wide range of multi media art and graphics.
I know of many of Charlie's other fabulously creative accomplishments, but I write here to endorse the sumptuous work he has done for The Synergy Project, Luminopolis and The Venus Love Experience.
The live visuals Charlie generates has audiences entranced. The flyers and posters Charlie produced for these conscious clubnights and transformative festivals are themselves collectable for their colourful, dynamic design.
All I can say is take a look for yourself...
Charlie is also universally acclaimed as a lovely guy - we will certainly be working with Charlie again and so should you!


August 27, 2011, Gareth worked directly with Charlie at YOU ARE NOT LIMITED


Dominik Schnell
CEO inSpiral Visionary Products & Ekopia

Charlie was there right from the start and helped initiate this beautiful project with his creative mastermind and seeking spirit. Far beyond the call of a designer Charlie goes the extra mile to truly express the essence of what ever project he is working on! As a conscious being Charlie will gravitate to worth while projects and excel in this artistic ways. Whilst Charlie’s forte undoubtedly lies in his digital skills he is equally an asset to any creative thinking challenge and a pleasure to work with.


August 27, 2011, Dominik was Charlie's client