Freelance motion graphics artist, video mapping artist, film maker, and art director with over 25 years of experience in the industry, based in Normandy and in Paris.

I am Charlie Taillard, a highly experienced and versatile creative professional with a passion for creating dynamic and engaging visual content that supports companies in their communication strategy and content creation. My services include motion graphics design, video mapping, film making, and art direction, and I am available for projects both remotely and in the Ile-de-France region.

In my work as a motion graphics artist, I specialize in creating short, creative, and engaging animated films for agencies, studios, and advertisers. My animations communicate ideas, tell stories, and make sense, whether in the form of “flat design” vector animations for websites or applications, or in more traditional formats such as 4lm credits, series, or documentaries. I am self-taught and constantly strive to improve my skills through training in new techniques.

My work is distinguished by its attention to detail, strong sense of visual style, and dedication to storytelling. I have a diverse portfolio that includes projects in film and television, corporate videos, live events, and experiential installations. I am proficient in a range of industry- standard software such as After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, VDMX and MadMapper, and I have a set of professional-grade cameras and equipment including a Sony FS5 and a Blackmagic Design BMPCC 4k to ensure high-quality footage for any project.

As a seasoned professional, I possess a unique combination of technical expertise and creative talents. My background as a graphic designer and art director allows me to bring a unique perspective to my work, and I am well-versed in the principles of branding, print design, and digital media. I take great pride in my ability to bring a positive and collaborative approach to my work, and I strive to foster an environment of mutual trust, open communication, and ongoing learning with my clients. I am particularly passionate about working with entrepreneurs and startups, and I find great satisfaction in helping these organizations to grow and flourish through my contributions. I am dedicated to providing my clients with the highest level of service, and I strive to consistently deliver exceptional results that exceed their expectations.

AI-Assisted Art Direction

I am proficient in using AI tools to assist in the creation process, including generating ideas and providing guidance on the direction of the content. With experience using software such as ChatGPT and MidJourney, I am able to bring my projects to life and create impactful and high-quality motion graphics and video content that meets the needs of my clients. My skill in using AI tools is an asset that enhances my traditional skills and expertise in the field. Obtain additional details on this webpage

Please take a look at my portfolio to see some of my work and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or to discuss potential projects. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your creative goals.


Take a look at my motion graphics oUerings and see how my skills and expertise can bring your vision to life. From simple logo animations to complex visual effects sequences, I have the technical skills and creative storytelling abilities to bring your ideas to the screen.

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With a background in art direction and a strong understanding of the technical aspects of film making, including cinematography, and editing, I have the tools and knowledge to craft compelling visual stories.
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Using specialized projection technology, I have the ability to transform any surface into a dynamic canvas for video, animation, and visual effects. My expertise and artistic vision combine to create immersive and interactive experiences that engage and delight audiences.
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As a talented graphic designer and art director, I have a strong background in visual communication and a passion for creating compelling and eUective designs. Whether I am working on branding, print materials, or digital media, I bring a high level of creativity and attention to detail to every project.

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It is a real pleasure to work with Charlie. We appreciated his availability, his listening and his patience, which are strong added values to his high artistic qualities.
Charlie was able to use all his creativity and experience for our project. The result is absolutely fantastic. Website, digital communication media, brochures, posters, videos. He knew how to respond to each of our challenges with professionalism.
Thanks to him, we are now ready to make this ambitious project one of the most magical events of 2023.


Rocher Portail, La nouvelle école des sorciers

Charlie Taillard is one of the most creative and original designers I have ever worked with. His light touch enhances the message and I am delighted with everything he has done for me.

Lynne Franks

Recognised as the UK’s leading Women’s Empowerment Guru and founder of SEED. Lynne initiated London Fashion Week and created the British Fashion Awards

I have had Charlie look after my videography needs at our Global Entrepreneur Summit events in London for the past few years and have always found his ability to capture the moments in a very high quality and  professional manner. His attention to detail not only from briefing, also in his recording and delivery of the brief have been outstanding. In addition our live-streaming events required vision switching one the fly and that too was handled with amazing finesse. Knowing Charlie had digital skills I contracted him make a giant graphic digital video wall presentation for the lobby of the event space at the Hilton on the park London and it was main feature that all our participants noticed and  commented on when attending the lobby. I would recommend Charlie and his team to any live event you are running. 

Shane MK Bowen

Digital Media Manager Genius Group,

Charlie’s work on the 12.12.12 project was literally transformational.
We went from a mediocre website to a beautifully designed one which was hugely successful in driving ticket sales, Charlie also created an accompanying promotional video plus the work he did to create the show programme, event banners and all the moving graphics for the entire 5 hour show was literally superb. I can honestly say that his involvement was absolutely key to the event’s success. Not only is he a creative genius he is incredibly proactive and an absolute delight to work with. Charlie is every entrepreneur’s dream right hand creative man!

Rachel Elnaugh

Award Winning Entrepreneur, Star of BBCTV's Dragons' Den, Professional Speaker, Author and Business Mentor

Charlie is a rare combination of super-creative with an artist's eye for colour and balance PLUS being a digital natural with a superb ability to work with almost any software or system. He's a great spirit as well and the whole team benefits in many other ways from having him around.

Richard Addis

Editor of seven 'national' newspapers (Evening Standard, Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sunday Express, The Globe and Mail and Financial Times) believed to be a record among living British journalists, currently editor of The Day News, The Day News & Media Ltd